• Chronic Pain

    If you have tried a variety of ways to relieve back, neck, leg, knee, shoulder and other pain without success? Have you suffered an injury to your joint and still have nagging pain? Come see us to learn about a new, effective and safe treatment options for Chronic Joint Pain!
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  • Neuropathy Treatments

    Do you suffer from the pain of Neuropathy? Numbness, swelling, burning, tingling, restless legs, or cramping pain? Our groundbreaking treatment uses new & advanced technology that is proven to provide high levels of success in reducing or eliminating symptoms.
  • What is Regenerative Medicine ?

    “Stimulating Healing from Within”…. Regenerative Medicine is a relatively new sub-specialty in medicine that takes advantage of the newest advancements in biological science. This concept and practice of medicine aims to heal the body naturally by stimulating the body’s own reparative mechanisms using cells and/or energy.

  • Neuropathy Treatments

    RMI has developed a safe and effective treatment for patients who suffer from any form of acute and chronic pain, including peripheral neuropathy. Our unique treatment protocol- Cellular Signaling Therapy™ (CST) uses advanced medical electric technology, (cellular signaling therapy) in conjunction with stem cells. This method offers shortened treatment times and faster results.

  • Regenerative Medicine – How it works?

    Regenerative medicine physicians are changing the paradigm of medicine. The newest advancements in Stem Cell therapy uses healthy donated umbilical cord & placental tissue stem cells to treat a joint conditions, auto-immune diseases, and anti-aging procedures.

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