Regenerative Medicine – How it works?

Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine physicians are changing the paradigm of medicine. The newest advancements in Stem Cell therapy uses healthy donated umbilical cord & placental tissue stem cells to treat a joint conditions, auto-immune diseases, and anti-aging procedures. Stem cell are directed towards creating a healthy environment in your body while stimulating your body to assist in the regenerative process, whereas; medicine of the past used drugs to merely mask the symptoms.

At Regenerative Medical Institute we use stems cells donated from mother’s of healthy newborn babies. All cells have passed strict federal regulated tissue banking standards. Umbilical cord & Placental tissue cells contain growth factors, proteins, and stem cells that continue to produce additional growth factors and proteins for a period of time after injected. These cells are young, potent and have the ability to divide and generate new tissue. The components have the potential to positively affect the environment inside the joint or tissues where they are injected and stimulate your own tissue to regenerate.

We offer cellular therapies that include stem cells, platelet rich plasma, and platelet rich fibrin.

At the time of your consultation a customized treatment plan and recommendations will be designed that are best for you!

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