Neck Pain

Do you wake up with neck pain every morning, or suffer an injury, leading to your current neck pain?

There are many causes of neck pain. Neck pain often doesn’t affect only the neck area; but can involve other parts of the body, too. Here at  our Birmingham pain treatment center we want to educate you about neck pain and help you understand the advanced methods we use to treat it.

Neck pain affects about 14% of the population per year. Neck pain is more common in women, older patients, those involved in both mentally and physically stressful jobs, and current smokers. The causes of neck pain are varied, but the most common cause is facet mediated pain (> 60% in studies and as high as 90% in some patient populations). The facet joints are small joints located in the back of the neck which ultimately limit the neck’s movement in rotation or extension.

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You may have numbness, tingling and/or pain which radiates down the arms. These symptoms may be caused by cervical disc disease, but they can also be related to facet mediated pain. Cervical disc disease is actually far less common than you might believe, possibly less than 6% – 7%. Anybody who has seen a spine surgeon who recommends a neck fusion should first have a thorough investigation for other sources of the neck pain.

Whether you injured yourself in an accident, as the result of a sports injury, or hurt yourself in the course of everyday activities, we recommend that you don’t let neck pain linger – it can get worse and prevent you from enjoying life. Please call us at 205-774-8222 to have a complete evaluation.