Knee Pain

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain, it is helpful to know what your options are.  When you know more about how the knee works and what stresses it endures, you can better understand alternative treatments available. Stem cell therapy offers great hope and promise to reducing symptoms and regenerating worn, injured or aged joints. It is modern medicine that is a viable alternative to avoid painful surgery, recovery and rehab. Other benefits include avoiding long term opioid pain medication use.

Arthritic Knee Pain

The most common causes of knee pain are ligament instabilities or torn cartilages, and in older patients, osteoarthritis or post-traumatic injuries. Patients with knee arthritis complain of pain in the knee as well as instability and stiffness. Knee pain can also occur as the result of dysfunction of the hip, low back, or foot and ankle.

Arthritis and sports or accident injuries can be one major cause of knee pain. If you suffer from any of these please get in touch with us for an evaluation. Call Us Today! 205-774-8222.

Sports Injuries & Traumatic Knee Pain

For most younger patients, sports injuries or accidents are the most common causes of knee pain. Specific causes include sprains or strains of the muscles or ligaments that surround the knee joint.  The knee joint is a complex joint that is formed by four bones, with tendons and ligaments connecting the bones and allowing them to move. The ligaments can become torn or stretched, causing pain and discomfort.

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