Back Pain

Many patients are plagued with back pain.  It is among the top reasons that people go to doctors.  At Regenerative Medical Institute , we can help. Here at our Birmingham, Alabama pain center, treating back pain without surgery, is one of our specialties. So you can understand more about cause of back pain we will and our treatment methods a short discussion is  given here. When you visit our office we will perform a diagnostic test to discover the cause of your particular problem. We will then recommend and provide the best treatment options available to alleviate your back pain.

Let’s begin with some background on the causes of back pain:

Low back pain usually comes from one of four sources: 1) muscles or ligaments; 2) intervertebral discs; 3) lumbar facets; or 4) the sacroiliac joint. A simple, painless neuro-diagnostic test done at our office will often inform us right away where the low back pain is originating. A lumbar MRI does not always reveal the origin of the pain; the anatomic picture can often be misleading, and as a result, misdiagnosis and treatment can occur.

As experienced back pain specialists, we will be able to diagnose your pain and match your problem with one of our treatments that are proven to bring relief. Depending on the source of your pain (the “pain generator”) often all that’s needed is physical medicine techniques and treatment with our advanced electro-medical device manufactured by Sanexas, GmBH (Germany). Should the clinical presentation and nerve testing show that the pain is coming from the intervertebral disc (most common source of most chronic low back pain), lumbar decompression which is safe and highly effective and/or epidural injections without steroids are other treatment options.

As you can see, back pain comes from a number of sources. We can bring it under control with our advanced treatments. Please call us at 205-774-8222 to schedule an appointment.